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Getting realy bored now

2009-11-07 11:48:01 by GunColector666

I just uploaded some of my 3D models, Check them out. These are the M14G series that I designed. I don't plan on coloring them because it would take too long. I still have trouble finding stuff to draw and work with. Its kind of like writers block except that Im not writing anything, just making images. Please comment on my work of these models, I think that I did a good job.

Getting realy bored now


2009-10-12 14:59:29 by GunColector666

nothing goin on now. other than school
taking classes, booring. all i do id draw and take notes.
just made a new peice. hope you like.
if you have comments about my art, please tell me.
still doing airsoft and shootin people.
saving up for a m14dmr body so i can acually use it.
hope you like


Art! !! Help !!

2009-09-01 17:47:43 by GunColector666

Hey, school started and I thought I need a new post.

A couple weeks ago I finally got scouted but I got kicked off for some reason. Please help me by scouting me if you like my art! Please comment on my art, I want to be better than I am now. I plan on using this to show my computer art.

The style that I'm working on now is to have a black foreground and a decorated background. I have already submitted some like this and I want to continue with these pictures.

Tell me what you think of this piece so far. It looks done to me but I want to make it more complex and interesting. The name is 'No Such Thing As Slow'.


Art!          !!  Help  !!


2009-08-19 11:07:43 by GunColector666

I just got scouted and I already have some reviews! Thanks Guys.

If you want something made for free, can probably do it. I am still learning photoshop, but I can submit the many works from my sketchbook.

If you have any ideas to help me pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase tell me. I'm always trying to improve and learn.

I just got back from Michigan and the Dream Ride event. I plan on creating some stuff from them.Since I'm not such a big fan of cars as guns, this could get messy. I'm probably going to need a lot of help with cars, so please give me tips.

I got many pics, mostly crap. This is my best pic, I plan on working with this the most.



2009-07-06 12:35:14 by GunColector666

I finally came back from 7 days of hell! Encampment from the Civil Air Patrol. One week of pushups, running, and standing at attention is over. I would love to show pictures but I can't. I rode a C-130. I also got a good look a the A-10 (Gatling gun, rounds, internals, cockpit, EVERYTHING). And much more. For those few people who will actually see this, I can tell you more if you tell me. Here is the official site:

Me again

2009-06-14 09:02:41 by GunColector666

Hi again, I doubt anyone is going to see this.
I just uploaded my new artwork. I'm not just a gun-nut, but I also consider myself a beginner artist.
If anyone wants me to make them something, feel free to ask. This picture is one of my most interesting. I use a 3D model program to make things and I change them with photoshop. I've been experimenting a lot so some stuff doesn't look too good.

Me again

Me and My Guns

2009-04-08 20:52:18 by GunColector666

Don't expect me to change this. I don't plan on submitting anything but I do enjoy the flash and music.
I collect any weapon that i can get my hands on but I try to keep it legal (I realy do!). I have an airsoft collection that is growing quickly.
I have/share :
FN 2000
Echo1 G36C (technicly broken but it works better)
Gas powered Desert Eagle (My favorite)
Gas R700
Echo1 M14 EBR
My brother's crappy sawn off bolt action (he turned it into a shotgun and put blood streaks on it)

I plan on this list growing. If you don't understand any of this, I suggest you go to
That is where I learn most of the stuff I know about guns so if you have a question ask me.I can answer it.